At home with Daniel Galmiche

It's not often you get invited to a Michelin-starred chef's home. And when he is going to cook for you too, well that's some experience. But that's what happened to lucky H&D who were invited by TV chef Daniel Galmiche to his home in Berkshire to get a preview of his private dining experiences which he has just launched. A glass of beautiful gin and tonic in hand, we chatted with Daniel and his lovely wife Clare. His kitchen is very neat and we tried to spy what utensils, pots and pans and brands a top chef uses. It was hard to be nosey as Daniel is so entertaining and we laughed a lot as he cooked a three course meal which he had prepped thoroughly. To start we had a pan roasted turbot, wil

Antonio was the heart of Italy

Antonio Carluccio and Adam Simmonds at Danesfield House It was four years ago I met simply the best Italian chef and proper gent Antonio Carluccio. We got together at Danesfield House with the then head chef Adam Simmonds to help launch a campaign for Macmillan Cancer Support to hold a dinner party in your home to raise cash. Antonio was larger-than-life - a big, hulking man with a large face, a big smile but with a voice as soft as whipped mascarpone. In his 70s he moved slowly and used a stick but he still had lots to say about food. He said about the campaign: "It’s a great cause and it doesn’t matter how you do it. The simplest way could be to grab some bread, a salami, some wine and che

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