Steak a claim at Chez Mal

We love a good deal here at H&D so when we spotted Chez Mal in Reading's steak offer, well we were licking our lips! It was 50 per cent off two steak dinners and a bottle of fruity Malbec. And when we sat down we realised as well as the £39 for our steak deal (so just £19.50 each) we could get a small choice of discounted starters too. So we plumped for the chicken liver parfait and brioche toast with chutney and the American-inspired hot chicken wings with a blue cheese dip. This after our free sourdough bread and butter. Our steaks were plate-sized and delicious. Now this is not a review as such, we just want you to know how good it was! Finally we went to the bar for a nightcap and had th

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