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Hello and welcome!

We hope you have had a good look around our site and like what you see. If you need us to answer any query go to the contact page.

Meanwhile, have a cuppa and a read!

Let us tell you a bit about us - I am an award-winning food writer and freelance journalist and Dijana is a super-talented photographer who takes on all kinds of portfolios and for the last five years has turned her hand to food.

We have oodles (or if you want to get current, courgetti noodles) of experience in the food business from reviewing to writing, organising events to food styling.

We're not Hemsley & Hemsley (ie we don't buy astrologically farmed eggs whatever they are - we struggle with the glossy hair too) and we're not pretentious - we hope we can help everyone from cafes and coffee shops to restaurants.

This is not us...

We have also eaten in too many places to mention, from Michelin-starred fancy-dans to greasy spoons.

We are very excited about our business and hope you will be too!

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Photoshoots, STYLING, websites, marketing & more for food and drinks businesses

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