• Hilary Scott

More than fish and rice

It was my dad's favourite dish - a big plate of creamy, smoky kedgeree.

My mum didn't make it that often as it was a recipe his mum made frequently and I think my mum knew hers was never as good.

I made it for the first time in ages last night and it was so good I had to share it with you.

I know it's a breakfast dish but I have never eaten it first thing - too heavy and fishy. It truly is a brunch dish - but I like it in the evening.

It can be just the classic recipe of smoked fish, rice, onion, peas and boiled egg or you can throw whatever you have to hand in.

The secret to a real smoky taste is to poach your smoked fish (haddock or cod) in milk then use the milk and some stock to cook the rice.

I like to shake a little light soy sauce over to serve (dark is too salty) and also dredge with those crispy fried onions for salads you get in tubs and a soupcon of grated Cheddar.

Utterly delicious and the leftovers are waiting in the fridge for brunch!


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