• Hilary Scott

Loving the Thai flavour

We love a food festival here at H&D and when it involves great culture too, it's a must-go.

We went along to the Thai Food and Culture Festival on Sunday at the War Memorial Park in Basingstoke.

Samruan runs these festivals all over the country and Reading's will take place on August 20 and 21 in Prospect Park.

What to expect? Great food, great atmosphere, great shopping and fabulous entertainment.

The food stalls were brimful of Thai flavours - from Pad Thai to red curry, barbecued pork to satay, sticky beef to veggie tempura, fish balls to exotic platters and stir fried ice cream that's a bit of theatre as well as a delicious cooling treat. Chilli heat permeated most dishes and it was all washed down with Singha beer, Thai ice tea or coffee, nom yen (iced milk with syrups), a surprisingly good Thai Monsoon Valley rose wine and the colourful tea with everything from tapioca balls to jackfruit in it.

You could sit on provided chairs and eat while watching the stage show which featured traditional dancing and singing and, of course, a ladyboy show.

Highlights were a traditional 17-year-old dancer who has performed for Thai royalty and the Beyonce piece by the ladyboys drew a fascinated audience of under 10 girls who probably had little idea what they were actually seeing!

The retail stalls were a blaze of colour with exotic Thai clothing in sumptuous metallic-thread fabrics, Buddha masks and paintings and the smells of incense wafted and mingled with the barbecue smoke.

We loved it so much we have declared this Thai week@H&D Food Solutions so look out for more pictures on our Facebook page.

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