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Behind the scenes at the H&D studio

So, H&D did an end-of-summer/hello autumn shoot this week and we thought it would be good to give you a peek behind the scenes.

The shoot really begins a good few days before when we write our shoot list - what we want to photograph, how, what look we want to achieve. Then we shop for our fresh produce - this time we had a lot of cheese, beer and berries!

We line up our props - dishes, bottles, glasses, cutlery - and add them to our established prop box which has oil sprays, water sprays, tape, tongs, boards, napkins, kitchen roll and all kinds of bits and bobs to style the food.

The studio is set up - the lights, the camera and lots of action in getting the surfaces we need to shoot on. This shoot we used our white cube which gives a great white background.

It can be a messy business once we've started, getting the food in the right place, cutting it, fiddling with it so, no, we don't eat much as we've had our hands all over it many times!

We worked with ice lollies this shoot so you have to be quick and when they start to melt it's a dash back to the freezer for a while, mop up any spills then shoot again. Each shot is snapped many times. The blackberries we used were a messy challenge, leaking juice every time they were touched.

We clean down, put everything away when we are done then have a quick look at the raw pictures.

But that's not the end of it - post production work can take quite a while and usually will be done within a few days. Just little things like a smear erased or a tiny bit of sharpening. Dijana likes to get the shot right in front of the camera. There's no cheating by doing lots of work afterwards!

We can't wait to show you our new pictures - some are to be used as wall art and we are very excited about those!

Here's a sneak preview of a Bloody Mary - isn't it gorgeous?

Now does anyone know how long blackberry stains on your hands last for?

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