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H&D Down Under

First, as you may have guessed, let's make it clear this is not the photographic arm of H&D but the other half so the pictures are not top notch.

I mean who would leave those buzzers in the pic of the oysters!?

But because we get ideas from being out and about, we thought we would give the the lowdown on the food we had in Australia.

Another fact to get clear - what they are eating in Oz now we will be eating over here soon. Because we really do believe Australia sets trends in foods and cooking. Avocado on toast for breakfast anyone?

Anyway, let's take a look at the collage. Top right, a dish from The Press Club, a real favourite in Melbourne. Small and intimate, it's owned by George Calombaris, below, of Masterchef Australia fame. George comes from a Greek/Cypriot family and that's what influences his food.

Our tasting menu (personalised as is George's style, see below) was delightful and this course was Octopus Kokkinnisto, fava and caper.

Top right was a mezze of loukoumades, little savoury doughnuts, goat's cheese and mussels. Then, bottom left, little peas filled with something sesame-flavoured and crispy radishes.

It's all quite breathtaking. You really would not believe that Greek food could be so fine dining, so utterly of the moment and so memorable - ευχαριστώ George!

Bottom right, meanwhile, is about as far away from The Press Club as you can get - a service club in a town north of Sydney where they sold the best (in our opinon) oyster dish - Oysters Kilpatrick. Lightly grilled in a sauce with shallot and Worcerestershire Sauce, they are divine!

We're not finished with Aussie food - how could we be when we spent three weeks there?

Next time Dutch nose-to-tail pork and some more Press Club glories !

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