• Hilary Scott

Cherry bombs

So, part 2 of H&D Down Under features probably my favourite drink ever. The top two pictures show it - a cherry aperitif from The Press Club.

What you get from the aperitif trolley is a fair-sized mini bottle (as in 2-3 measures) of mastiha. This is a liqueur seasoned with mastic, a resin gathered from the mastic tree, a small evergreen tree native to Greece.

But first into your glass clinks a gigantic cherry-flavoured ice cube. It lasted until I had finished the alcohol so you know. I can taste it now - utterly delicious and refreshing - and it's worth a trip to The Press Club just for that.

Below the coolest drink in the world are two dishes from Merricote in Melbourne - a trout tart with zucchini and zucchini dressed with nuts and dressings.

Merricote is a Dutch-accented bistro with a nose-to-tail love of pork. Small but cosy it turns out meat of the highest standard but also, as you can see, pretty veg dishes and great fish. A real find in the suburbs of this foodie city.

Below, we have a mix - I couldn't resist showing you the chocolates post dinner from The Press Club, made as dice and inside a backgammon board. Also TPC's skordalia and its aereated chocolate dessert with Greek yogurt sorbet.

Finally, top left is a Japanese pancake from a suburban Japanese drizzled with Japanese mayo, which shows wherever you wander in Melbourne you cannot fail to find great food.

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