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Recipe - Sweetcorn Fritters with Avocado Salsa

Mapledurham Food Festival back at the end of April was a real celebration of food. Renowned chef Stephanie Moon, who you may have seen on Great British Menu, cooked up a storm in one of the theatre tents.

Here's her delicious and very summery recipe for sweetcorn fritters with avocado salsa.


Basically a pancake batter so mix your favourite recipe - 100g plain flour and 2 large eggs is a good amount to feed about four - and then enough milk to make it quite stiff. Season. Set aside.

Slice cobs off two sweetcorn and add with about 2 or 3 chopped spring onions. Add to batter mix. Whisk one egg white and fold in to batter mix.

Drop spoonfuls into a very hot pan and cook until very brown both sides.


Chop an avocado roughly, add some finely chopped shallot and chilli. Squeeze a lime into it and add a little olive oil. Fresh mint is a good herb to finish.

Serve fritters dotted with the avocado salsa as a starter or a main with a large salad.

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