• Words: Hilary Scott/Pictures: Dijana Capan

The Fox and Hounds, a gin drinker's sanctuary

I came late to the gin resurgence party.

Mainly because I am really a vodka drinker but I do occasionally like a G&T.

However, now I have discovered the amazing array of gins at The Fox and Hounds in Caversham, I am hooked. Vodka get thee behind me!

The Fox is a lovely friendly pub in Gosbrook Road. I know it does good beer but after popping in after a few years' absence, I discovered they had rhubarb gin which they recommend you have with Fever-Tree's Mediterranean tonic.

It is delicious and the bar staff ask what fruit you would like in it too - from slices of grapefruit to blueberries, cucumber and strawberries.

The rhubarb is good with blueberries.

After taking a few friends there, enticing them along the river for a walk then a pitstop at The Fox, one sunny evening landlord Kevin talked me through his gins.

Raspberry, honey, Hobbs of Henley, saffron, grapefruit - the list was long.

So in the interest of research (yup really) we tried a few.

My classic rhubarb with blueberrries, cucumber and Med tonic, below, is still a favourite - slightly tart as rhubarb should be with the tonic adding a herby note.

The grapefruit with a slice of the ruby red fruit was sweeter than you would expect and is best with normal tonic. It's a clean taste you don't want to mess with.

The raspberry had a tang and is actually really tasty with a few strawberries bobbing in it.

But you can stick to straight gin with the usual botanicals and a slice of cucumber, but add those blueberries. They are perfect for soaking up the gin and biting into them and getting a burst of double floral flavour is just gorgeous.

So don't pass by The Fox and Hounds and think it's just a beer pub with pizza during the week and roasts on Sundays.

Get yourself in and have some gin!

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