• Words: Hilary Scott/Pictures: Dijana Capan

Great stuff at the Great House

An evening exploring the Great House in Sonning's lodge and being fed and watered was a... well, a great experience.

The Great House use the lodge for weddings, events and conferences - and some special winter features we will tell you about in the coming months.

It really was lovely to sit down to some Coppa Club food (the club caters for all events too).

The ethos is sharing - platters of delicious foods you share family style.

For our dinner we had a selection of bruschetta topped with: chunky tomato; mozarella, aubergine and courgette; the freshest of white crab meat on top of the creamy brown meat and spiked with a little chilli. Add to that a platter of Italian charcuterie served with a fresh, chopped veg salad and a hot, grain mustard and some really flavoursome meatballs in a tomato sauce.

Our mains were pulled lamb with a minty salsa and grilled monkfish. With these platters came plates groaning with roasted heritage orange and purple carrots and beetroot, roasted potatoes smothered in grated Parmesan and with shreds of ricotta, and big bowls of kale and broccoli.

Desserts were a cheesecake with a fruit sauce, a tumbling fresh fruit salad and, the piece de resistance, a wonderful sticky toffee pudding topped with crumbled honeycomb and served with clotted cream.

We loved this style of dining - it's fun, relaxed and greedy eaters like us can have as much as we want!

Check The Great House Lodge out - and don't dare do it without eating at Coppa Club.

The place's strapline is sleep, meet, marry, eat. We may not be getting hitched any time soon but we will sleep, meet and eat again!

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