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Everything in Moderation

Updated: May 5

Words: Hilary Scott/Pictures:Dijana Capan

H&D continued its eating out in another pub garden, this time May Bank Holiday Sunday at The Moderation in Caversham.

We love the Mod and have been fortified by their takeaways many a time during the lockdowns but at last we could sit in their lovely garden, warmed by overhead heaters, blankets and umbrellas.

And having got over our initial delight at being out last week at the Miller of Mansfield we were slower to devour the food this time!

It was ace as ever - a large plate of crispy prawns and chilli sauce to start was generous and delicious.

Next a roast beef - a full plate of roast potaoes, veg including broccoli, carrots, parsnips and cauliflower cheese hidden under two huge slabs of tender-soft beef and a giant Yorkshire pudding. The gravy here is spectacularly lick-your-plate tasty. There's always every accompaniment you could want like horseradish for the beef, apple sauce for the pork etc. For us, the best in town.

We also had a spicy Thai beef salad - an equally large portion of beef strips atop fresh salad which took a while to get anywhere near the end.

To finish - we had no room for dessert - two Irish coffees but with Kahlua.

If you've never tried the Mod then we'd urge you to give it a go. The Thai chef produces some great classics as well as some new Thai dishes but there are also some proper pub grub choices and, of course, a selection of roasts on a Sunday. Everything in Moderation...except for the Mod's food!

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